Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Ornament Received and a Birthday Surprise Sent!

I participated in the Winter/Holiday/Christmas ornament exchange on the All Seasons Ornament Exchange blog and I received my ornament from Tracy yesterday. Tracy made me a cracker from an issue of the Gift of Stitching magazine. I love it! I am going to have to give making these a try, they are so cute!

Thanks so much Tracy and the card is cute too!

I also surprised my SIL, Jane. She is a dog lover and when my stitch group went on our road trip earlier this fall and paid a visit to Lizzie Kate's studio, I saw Linda had this all stitched up and was going to have it in the LNS soon, I knew it would be a perfect piece to stitch for Jane's birthday, which is next week.

This is my first piece ever to frame! I know...shocking! LOLOL (I must give some credit to Rex....he did cut the foam board!) It turned out great...Jane loves it..and I am a happy camper!

Happy birthday Jane!!

I am stitching on "snowy" things right pics yet. I hope to have something to share soon. I also have a couple of Christmas gifts that are on their way to new homes so I also hope to be able to share pics of those as well very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching.

Wendy Jo


Cathy B said...

I think this Lizzie Kate design is so cute -- it's going on my must stitch list!

Cute ornament cracker too!

Brigitte said...

Nice Christmas cracker.
The L*K piece seems to be perfect for dog lovers. You SIL will love it.

Carol R said...

Pretty little cracker - simple yet elegant!

Your framed piece for Jane is lovely and I'm sure she was really happy to receive this. Well done.

Hazel said...

Great Cracker from Tracy! She has just got back from a weekend visit to see me and she was so pleased you liked it. xx

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