Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here is my new stash

I haven't done too bad lately in the stash department. Between taking a road trip with my Tuesday stitch group, we went to Welcome Stitchery outside Chicago, IL earlier this month and a vacation down to Branson, Missouri I was able to get some new Littlehouse Needlework patterns, a new Blackbird Design, some new R&R fabric and a new LK patriotric pattern that I started yesterday and hope to finish today and make into a pinkeep. I am thinking of having my friend's husband make me a hornbook for the LHN pattern Bless This House and instead of having a round hole having him make a star. I think that would really look nice for a finishing piece to that pattern. That will be the next thing I stitch after the LK is complete.

Stitching to Share!

Yesterday the weather was really nice here and I was in the mood to dig out my summer/Patriotic things so I thought I would share some pictures of things I have stitched over the years. As I was putting things out I was looking at when I stitched them and it got me many of you put your initials and date of when you stitched a piece? I am not sure if I really remember why I got into the habit of doing that but I do on my personal pieces I stitch for myself. I guess its kind of neat to think back that that piece I have had for "x" number of years.

Anyway hope you enjoy seeing the pictures. These are displayed on my blanket box as you enter my home.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I got a Crazy Exchange yesterday!

I had sent Suzanne a crazy exchange recently and I knew one was on its way and it arrived yesterday. Knowing I loved Lizzie Kate she stitched me a LK on a bath towel & included a bath mitt too. This goes perfect in my bathroom as it is done in blue and white. I just love it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HoE Freebie Exchange sent to Margie!

I stitched up a Blue Ribbon Design called Alphabet Tree and made it into a pinkeep for Margie in a muted color by Olde Willow called Williamsburg Blue as she likes more muted colors. I also sent some threads and dog treats for her "furkids".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fair & Square 4th of July Exchange

I exchanged with Barbara in The Netherlands. This is a pattern by La-D-Da's called Little Red Schoolhouse. I also sent some overdyed floss in patriotic colors. She loved the squares! The bottom pic are the squares Barbara sent me along with the goodies. I am so happy with them and I think the squares will be made into a pinkeep. Here is a pics:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Look what I found at the quilt shops!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crazy Exchange for Suzanne

The picture is terrible on this one. Its a design by Bright Needle called Humble Daisy's. Suzanne likes blues and browns so I changes some colors to incorporate her likes. Here is a pic:

Crazy Exchange for Katrien

Katrien loves Autumn so I stitched this up. Its a design by Pamela Kellogg. Here is a pic:

Crazy Exchange for Janien

A pattern from Bent Creek called "All you need is love". Janien is a Beatles Collector so this pattern was absolutely perfect for her. Here is a pic:

Crazy Exchange for Caroline

I stitched Eliza’s Pin Pillow by With My Needle. Here is a pic: