Friday, August 6, 2010

My Summer Exchange From Julie!

I received my exchange from Julie and I am just in love with everything! I love sunflowers so she really picked some great things to make for me and stitched me the cutest LK pinkeep! The pocket pouch Julie made is just the right size for my camera and the scissor fob she made is on a pair of scissors and packed in my bag for Colorado already as is the Crystal Light Lemonade and gum too!

Julie, thank you so much for a wonderful exchange!!

Rex and I are headed to Denver tomorrow for a while and I am pretty excited. I have alot of things planned to do and will be seeing Staci I'm really looking forward to that. I have packed my stitching bag pretty full with lots of fall things to stitch..I have probably overpacked but I would rather have more than enough to stitch and pick from to stitch than not enough to stitch. the meantime..thanks for stopping by and happy stitching to you.

Wendy Jo