Friday, April 24, 2009

A Crazy Exchange & Birthday Gift Sent & Received!

I sent a crazy exchange to Laurie last week and she has received it and loves it. I decided on Heart in Hand's Wee Ones "Flowers" and finished it into a pinkeep.

I am so glad you like it Laurie..its such a fun one to stitch for you.

In the crazy exchange group, Simone and I partnered up as birthday buddies. Her birthday is in early May, so I sent it on its way early and it has arrived! I think it took only a week!

For Simone's birthday present, I looked at her wishlist and she wanted scissors and I know she loves Littlehouse Needleworks so I thought I would take the "needle" pattern from Traveling Stitcher, change it to say "scissors" and make a scissor keep and include the scissors! I also changed the colors to a deep red since Simone loves the color red. I also included extras that were on her wishlist.

I am so happy that Simone loves her birthday package. I wish you a very happy birthday my friend!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Wendy Jo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Patti's PIF and Birthday Gift

I received an e-mail from Patti that the P.I.F. (Pay It Forward) and birthday gift I sent her had arrived. I wanted to stitch Patti a design from Blackbird Designs since that is a designer she likes. The pattern is Buttons & Pins. I did make some changes and finished it into a pinkeep.

Patti has a birthday at the end of the month and I wanted to send something to her so I purchased SB's 2009 scissor fob kit that was on her wishlist and I loved it so much I got one for myself! LOL

Glad you like the PIF Patti I enjoyed stitching it for you and a very Happy Birthday to you too!

Today I will be putting together my crazy exchange and hopefully mailing that in the next day or two. I am also in the process of finishing up another birthday package. No pics on either but hope to be able to share those soon.

Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for stopping by and thank you for the wonderful compliments. I appreciate them very much.

Happy Stitching,
Wendy Jo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Christmas Package and A Swap!

My dear friend Carol had sent me a Christmas package at Christmas time and after several weeks of it not arriving and figuring it got lost in the mail system she restitched the Christmas cracker for me and it arrived yesterday. I absolutely love it! Carol's stitching is outstanding! I already have a few of her "treasures" and am so happy to add this one to the collection! Now, Carol didn't stop there..she added a lovely pair of scissors with an adorable Swaroski crystal fob she made. Some lovely red gingham ribbon, 32 ct fabric, sewing fabric, pins, trim and all in an adorable box!

Thanks so much Carol for the wonderful Christmas package!

Here are some pics:

Then if that wasn't enough I also received my swap from the Swap with Nina. Talk about a "wow" moment...I had that and then some! Anikó sent me quite a package. Anikó stitched me a gorgeous pinkeep with a scissor pocket with scissors, pincushion and scissor fob all on 32 ct. Murano evenweave fabric over 1 using DMC. I believe Anikó said it was a little piece from Blue Royal by AMAP. Everything coordinates so beautifully. The very middle of the pinkeep matches the button of the pincushion and matches one side of the scissor fob. The other side of the fob has my initial "W" (I have a pic below).

Anikó included a wonderful pair of scissors. I had seen these scissors on numerous blogs and had always said "I gotta get a pair of those.." I have a pair!

Thank you so very much Anikó for a wonderful swap, I absolutely adore these wonderful treasures.

My swap went to Julcsi in Hungary. I checked out her blog to see her likes and dislikes and decided to stitch her a scissor fob in pastels since she likes pastel colors. I went with "Easter" by Trail Creek Farms. Julcsi e-mailed me that she received my fob and likes it very much.
Here is a pic:

A couple of days ago I mailed my P.I.F. to my friend Patti. So I am looking forward to her receiving that in the next week or so. Then I can share pics of that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. I plan to spend as much of the weekend as I can stitching on my crazy exchange and Friends through Threads blackbird designs exchange.

On Sunday Rex and I are taking my mom out to a Sunday brunch. So we are looking forward to that. I love a great brunch!

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Wendy Jo

Monday, April 6, 2009

All Seasons Ornament Exchange Sent To Maggee

Maggee e-mailed me before I went on a min-vacation to Arkansas that she received the spring exchange I sent her and she loves it. I stitched her Tulip Scissor Companion by Ewe & Eye & Friends. Maggee likes the color pink so I changed the colors a bit.

Enjoy the ornament Maggee! It was a fun stitch!