Monday, August 31, 2009

A "Home" Exchange

I participated in a "home" exchange on the Exchange Heaven blog and my partner received her exchange and I have received mine on Saturday afternoon.

I stitched for Maddy and decided to stitch her Heart in Hand's Good to be Home. I had stitched this for the All Seasons Exchange and loved it so much and thought it was perfect for this exchange. I made it into a pincushion and stuff with plastic pellets. I am so glad you like the exchange Maddy...I enjoyed stitching it for you!

Here is a pic:

I received my exchange from Sue in the U.K. and she stitched a lovely design by I think Barbara Ana and made it into a door hanger there is even a cute pocket in back. She also sent me a cute pincusion and some wonderful ribbon which will be great for some Christmas finishing. I see a theme of red here in the exchange...not sure but I am wondering if Sue did this because red is my favorite color..mmmm? I wonder.....LOLOL

Thanks so much Sue..I love the whole exchange very much!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A birthday and a start of my RR!

I hear from Rita that my birthday present to her arrived and she is very happy! Rita loves anything autumn so I stitched her an autumn leave scissor fob by Heart in Hand and sent some other goodies as well. Here are some pics:

I joined my first RR recently and I finished up my section of it and wanted to share it. It's called "An Emblem of Love" by Ellen Chester. I decided to stitch it on 36 ct. White Edinborough, over 2, and use WDW Wavy Navy. I think it turned out well. Margaret's piece will be on the way to me shortly so I am excited to stitch on her piece as she is doing hers in red!

Now mine will will travel to Edgar's house next month for him to stitch a section. Then once he is finished he will send it on to the next person for them to stitch a section, etc. I am really excited to see this progress through the months and look forward to it returning at the end of May.

I just think the whole idea of a round robin is so neat, having others from all around the world stitch on your piece and you stitch on theirs and knowing when it comes back home to you that its been all over the world in different homes, its just really neat! I am going to ask each of the RR members to put their initials somewhere on the section they stitched. Carol R. is having us do that on her's and I thought that was a great idea so I am doing as is Margaret too.

I also noticed while stitching my initials over 1, that my diopeter lens (1.75) on my daylight is not strong enough for over 1 on 36 ct anymore so I plan to purchase a stronger lens next month when I hit the road with my stitch group for our roadtrip. Not sure what strength I will get but I just know I need a stronger one!

This weekend I am going to work on a birthday gift and start work on another exchange so I have my weekend stitching plans all set!

I do hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate it.

Take care and happy stitching,
Wendy Jo

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Birthday and Exchanges

I have sent a birthday exchange to Ina and it has been received and opened and she is one happy birthday girl! So I can now show a picture of what I sent her.

I stitched her a scissor fob from Drawn Thread called Pumpkin Keeper and included a JCS magazine, some tea (she loves tea) and some other goodies as well.

Happy birthday Ina!!

I participated in the Summer House exchange on the HoE blog and Chris H. in the U.K. finally received my exchange. I was getting really worried as the package decided to take the long about route to her house..but it arrived and she is very happy :)

I used the freebie design from LHN "Summer House" but used threads from LHN "Daisy" and added some dragonflys to the design as well. Here is a pic:

I also participated in the ASOE's Stitcher's Choice exchange and stitched for Jayne P.

I decided to stitch her Heart in Hand's "Good to be Home". I thought it was something she could display all year long if she chose to. Here is a pic:

I have been busy the past week working on exchanges and this past weekend I worked on my first RR, called "An Emblem of Love". I am really enjoying this. I will be able to post a pic of my section I stitched very soon.

Thanks everyone for stopping by..I do appreciate the comments.

Happy stitching.

Wendy Jo

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exchanges and a Birthday Gift

Jayne P. was my partner for the Summer House exchange in the HoE exchanging group and in the Stitcher's Choice exchange in the All Seasons Ornament Exchange so I received those yesterday in the mail.

I love the scissor case she stitch for me for the summer house exchange and she even included a lovely pair of scissors!

I look forward to putting the Christmas ornament on my tree this year.

Thanks so much Jayne I really love both my exchanges very much.

Here are pics:

Carol S. e-mailed me that the birthday present I sent her arrived safe and sound so I can now share the pic of what I made for her. I decided to stitch her a pincushion from Blue Ribbon Designs Patriotic Patchwork pattern called "Pins" and sent along a box of pins.

I hope you had a great birthday Carol!!
Here is a pic:

I wanted to say thank so much for everyone stopping by. I have been reading the comments and wanted to say how much I appreciate them. I have been stitching on a couple of Lizzie Kate designs and will be gearing up to start a RR called "An Emblem of Love" soon and am very excited as this will be my very first RR.

Wishing everyone happy stitching.

Wendy Jo