Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Squares to share from Fair & Square Blog

I have a couple of pics to share from 2 rounds I recently participated in.

The first is from round #9. Janice M. stitched me a portion of a Loose Feathers chart by Blackbird Designs that Janice believes is called Strawberry Garden. She stitched it in my favorite color of red. I really love it and plan to make it into a pinkeep. Here is a pic:

I stitched Janice a design by The Trilogy called Four Seasons. Here is a pic:

I also participated in the Halloween round and had Karen R. in Australia as a partner. Karen stitched me a portion of When Witches go Riding” by Prairie Schooler, which I will make into a pinkeep. Then she stitched me a gorgeous fob by Blackbird Designs in the book of “Trix or Treats”. Here is a pic:

For Karen's squares I stitched Halloween Spots by The Trilogy. Here is a pic: