Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hooked on Exchange Quaker Exchange I sent

This exchange went to Edgar Mathews for the Quaker exchange on the Hooked on Exchanging blog. I stitched him a freebie by The Workbasket called Quaker Flower using lavender NPS. I also stitched Edgar another freebie by The Workbasket using a motif from Sunflower House and made it into a floss tag. I am really starting to like these floss tags. While pinkeeps remain my all time favorite way of finishing..floss tags come in a very close 2nd!

Here are a couple of pics of the pin keep and floss tag and goodies I sent Edgar. I am so pleased he liked his exchange. Since mail date isn't until August 1st, my exchange should be arriving soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

2 exchanges in the mail today! WAHOO!

When I went to pick up mail today I had 2 lovely exchanges waiting for me and just made my Monday bright and happy! The first one I opened was from Janien in Belgium. Janien and I are both in the Crazy Exchange group and I had stitched an exchange for her recently so I knew something was forthcoming. Boy...what a wonderful package to receive today from Janien. She stitched me a lovely pillow with a butterfly in a flower and sent a bunch of goodies to boot, I think my favorite thing (outside of the pillow, is the CD she sent that is a song about where she lives - how cool is that?!)

Here is a pic of the pillow and of the goodies. Was I spoiled or was I spoiled...YES I was!!

Thanks so very much Janien, I love everything! The package is going to stitch group tomorrow to I can show the girls what I got!! They love seeing my exchanges.

Then the second package was from Georgie in Australia. Georgie and I are both in the HoE (Hooked on Exchanging group) and participated in the Littlehouse Needlework exchange and George had my name to stitch for. She stitched me a lovely little pocket and put on little thread rings and tucked inside the pocket was an adorable little pair of scissors! I have a "few" pairs of scissors but nothing this small and I just love them! I plan to try them out at stitch group tomorrow!

Thank you so very much Georgie, I just love my new little pocket and scissors...I can't wait to take it to stitch group and show the girls tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pics of my package:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crazy exchange from Caroline in The Netherlands

Caroline's package had finally arrived in my mailbox today after making a very long journey that had us both worried it may have gotten lost. We are both so happy it didn't and boy what a wonderful package to open! I am so overjoyed!

Caroline posted on the crazy exchange board only telling me to watch my mailbox for something that will be red (my favorite color) and summer. Well...she made me 4 lovely strawberries (red and summery fruit) and...Caroline's father made me a journal (its has butterflies and summertime bugs on it)! I just love it so much and feel so lucky to receive such a lovely handmade journal.

Caroline, please tell your father his workmanship on the journal is beautiful and I will treasure it very much. The whole package is fabulous. The strawberries are going to find a home in my basket on my table.

Thanks so much.

Wendy Jo

Here is a pic of what Caroline sent me:

Brigitte in Germany receives LHN exchange!

I participated in the Littlehouse Needlework Exchange on the HoE blog. I sent to Brigitte in Germany. I decided to stitch up part of the pattern "Daisy" for her and I stitched her name on it. I also purchased a Just Cross Stitch magazine for her as she had that on her wishlist and included some overdyed threads as well.

Here are a couple of pics:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christmas In July Exchange

I participated in Simone's Christmas in July Exchange and I received a beautiful ornament from Meg Shaffer in NJ yesterday and boy did she ever send some goodies to go with the ornament!

I got Vikki Clayton silks in red and green, Mill Hill beads in white and red, Kreinik metallics in red and green and then lets talk treats! Wylers lemonade, Andes mints, and 2 large bags of M&Ms. Meg said she sent me the M&Ms because she lives where they are made!! Works for me!! :)

I have never used the metallics before and can't wait to give those a try for some Christmas projects as well as try those Vikki Clayton silks..never tried those before either.

The whole package was wonderful. The ornament has beading around it as well. I am attaching two pics the second pic is a close up of just the ornament.

Thanks so much Meg.