Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Christmas Ornament from Germany!

My ornament from the exchange on the Friends Through Friends blog arrived yesterday. Kerstin stitched me an ornament using motifs from a German designer "Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwijrfe". It is really very pretty and finished perfect too! (Kerstin said this was her first time making an ornament, I sure couldn't tell). The ornament came in such a cute little bag too.

Thanks for a lovely exchange Kerstin.

Thanks so much for the well wishes on the migraines. I am doing much better. They usually have been kept under pretty good control.

I wish all my US friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Rex and I plan to have my mom come down for dinner and other than that, just a quiet day at home.

They are forecasting snow showers on Thursday so that might just put me in the mood to start pulling out the Christmas decorations. Seems like everyone around town here has their Christmas lights AND Christmas tree up and all lit up! I feel like we need to get busy! So we will see.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy stitching!

Wendy Jo


Carol R said...

Nice exchange ornament from Kerstin!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rex!

Suzanne said...

That's a lovely ornament!

Brigitte said...

This ornament is so pretty. A great exchnage gift for you.

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