Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Fat Quarters and A Belated Birthday Gift

I received a belated birthday gift from Carol yesterday. It's a beaded scissor fob made with REAL jade beads. It is so pretty! Plus she added a heart charm and I love hearts! I have been searching for my silver dovos and they are missing...mmmm so I will find another pair of silver scissors and give this beaded scissor fob a home!

Thanks so much Carol. Its absolutely gorgeous. (Sorry for the poor pic...its very dark and rainy again here today)

I joined Carolyn's board and participated in the fat quarter exchange and received fat quarters from...CAROLYN! She sent a wide variety which I really like as these are some great ones I can really put to use!

Thanks so much Carolyn!!!

I have been working on Edgar's rr (Emblem of Love). I am the last one to stitch on Edgar's and then I send it home to him. Its been enjoyable to stitch on everyone's rr as they have used a variety of threads (silks, etc.) so its given me an opportunity to try new ones.

Rex and I are getting new kitchen flooring put in on Friday. We decided to go with wood so I can't wait for that to be put in. I think it'll warm up our kitchen alot. Which is kind of dark right now.

Well, I think I will close for now and visit a few blogs and answer some e-mails and get back to some housework before stitching.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching.
Wendy Jo


Berit said...

Pretty! Thanks for sharing! :D
Hope you find your Dovos soon! eep.

I'm having a giveaway at my blog; please stop in on a free moment to check it out! :)

Carol R said...

I'm happy you like the bead fob!
Nice fat quarters from Carolyn

Brigitte said...

The beaded fob looks so nice. And there are some wonderful fabrics you received from Carolyn. It's always a pleasure to add new fabrics to one's collection, isn't it.


lovely FQ's! I'm also evious of your Mpls. trip! Makes me want to go!

joven said...

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Anonymous said...