Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Lovely Mesh Bag

Mama Joan sent me one of her beautiful mesh bags and I just love it! How pretty is this? Thanks so much Joan. I'm taking it to stitch group today and show the girls!

Every Tuesday six of us get together to stitch. We take turns hosting each week. The hostess provides the beverage (all of seem to drink diet pepsi), munchies and dessert. We even tend to try to make doctor, dental, etc, appointments around our stitch group time! So you can tell we have a great time and look forward to Tuesdays.

I plan to put the finishing touches on two gifts today and get them mailed tomorrow so I should have pics early next week.

Well, thanks for visiting and have a great week.

Wendy Jo


Joy said...

I sure to wish I had a group like that to belong to! How did it get started?

staci said...

What a sweet gift from Joan! Have fun at stitch group :)

Mama Joan said...

Glad you like the bag. And have a great time with the stitching girls.

pj said...

Wendy, hope you had a good time at your Tuesday stitch group tonite. Fun! I didn't know that you meet every Tuesday! Wow...that is commitment! Wish I lived closer...looks like the mailman has been good to you lately! I like the mesh bag from Joan. She does good work! Take care and yes I do love my little pinkeep. pam

WendyJo said...

The stitch group got started at a quilt shop. I joined the group when I moved here.

Wendy Jo

Carol R said...

Lovely project bag from Mama Joan.

Hope you are ok Wendy Jo - it seems ages since I heard from you.