Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blackbird Designs Exchange for Cathy B!

Cathy B. has received my exchange I sent her. The theme was Blackbird Designs. I decided to stitch a design from the book Thank You, Sarah Tobias. The pattern is Pins & Tulips. I stitched the pincushion and decided to stitch a scissor fob to match as Cathy put a pair of scissors down on her wishlist.

I stuffed the pincushion with rice which I think turned out pretty good (first time using rice as I have always used fiber fill). I also followed the instructions of dyeing white ric rac with tan rit dye. I think it turned out pretty good (pic below). It was my first attempt at using dye so I was a wee bit nervous.

I also sent Cathy some fabric and needles as that was on her wishlist as well. Here are some pics:

I am glad you like your exchange Cathy, I enjoyed stitching for you!

My Tuesday stitch group is going on a roadtrip today to Clinton, Iowa to a LNS called Stitches n Stuff. I have a small list so we will see what I come home with.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wendy Jo


Cathy B said...

Hi Wendy - Thank you so much for this lovely exchange! Your finishing is superb!

Would you believe that I have been to Stitches N Stuff in Clinton, Iowa? Another one of those road trips a few years ago...

Ronel said...

Very pretty finish and stitching for Cathy. Enjoy your trip, be sure to post some pics, we would love to see

WendyJo said...

Wow Cathy! You have been to Clinton??? Its a great little shop!!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful exchnage pieces!