Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting Friends and Stitching Exchanges

I am SO tardy in posting a pic and report on my outing with Joan and Jill that it's a bit embarrassing! As Jill and Joan posted on their blogs we got together, a couple of weeks ago now, and had a really nice day. Osage, Iowa is about 3 hours from me and abit over 2 hours for them. We first went to The Stitchery Nook and I was a really good girl and only bought one chart HIHN's Curio Free and a scrap piece of fabric. We ventured to Debbie's Quilt Shop, where I didn't purchase anything...not even a fat quarter. It was a nice little shop too! I'm not on the "wagon" or anything I just didn't find anything I needed. Trust me...I certainly tried! LOL

For lunch we headed to Teluwut Grille House & Pub and had a really nice lunch and did lots of gabbing. We plan to get togethere again..hopefully (fingers crossed) soon. On the stitching front, I have been working on a friendship themed exchange on the Friends Through Threads blog. I am enjoying the piece alot. This is the first time I have stitched something by this designer and I have found a couple of errors with colors but its easy to fix so nothing major. I have finished my spring exchange that I am doing with Irmeli. I just have to add some "sweets" and we are each mailing on Monday. I am SO excited to mail. I have some things in her package that I think she'll really like. I can show a couple of fabrics I used in her package.
Rex and I are off to see our nieces' play soccer this weekend so I probably won't get any stitching in until late Sunday. I do hope you are able to find some time to stitch! Thanks so much for stopping by, I really do appreciate it. Wendy Jo


JillMN said...

I had such a fun day with you girls. We definitely have to do it again...SOON!

Mama Joan said...

Was a great time. Must get together again, SOON. Stay in touch and have fun this weekend.