Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Birthday Gift from Kansas and Minnesota

Julie sent me a lovely birthday gift and most has a Kansas theme. She stitched a Lizzie Kate (lives in Kansas) piece called "Friendship Grows" which is exactly what ours is...growing. If you remember Julie and I were going to meet in Sioux City but...snow got in the way. Why does it think it needs to snow in Iowa in December anyway? LOLOL She also sent some chocolate (made in Kansas, which isn't pictured because..I was eating it as I read her card), she also sent a pretty note pad and then she sent me chicken poop! Its a lip balm. Its made there in Kansas. I actually started to laugh when I opened it because when my stitch group went on our roadtrip back in July of 2009 I had actually purchased a few tubes of this for gifts as I thought it was just too funny to pass up. It actually is really good too.

Thanks so much for a lovely package Julie...I love it.

Yesterday I received a package from Cathy B. She sent me such a darling pendant (it was made by Deborah Thorpe of Midsummer Night Designs) that can either be used as an ornament or worn as a necklace and I will be wearing it!! I just love stuff like this. Cathy thank you so very much, the pendant is lovely and I will definitely think of you each and every time I wear it :)

On the stitching front I have been stitching snowmen. Nothing to show as I haven't done the finishing part. I hope to work this weekend on the finishing. That seems to be the part I don't like the best unless its in the way of a pinkeep. But I really want to make an effort to use that sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago and make pillows and even try some cube-its. I know I am in a "rut" with pinkeep finishing so...I need to try new ways! Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has been busy with their needlework..I have been visiting blogs and looks like alot of gals have been doing alot of the 15 project challenge and I am so proud of them and will be cheering them on! I tend to be a one at a time stitcher. Anyone else like that?

There is a cross stitch market coming up...I am anxious to see what new things will be debuting at market. Like I need more..although is it really about need? :)

Happy stitching to you and thanks for visiting.

Wendy Jo


Lisa said...

Hi Wendy Jo,

Glad to find another "one at a time" stitcher. The girls in my stitch group give me such grief over it. I just can't help myself.

Happy belated birthday!

pj said...

Hi Wendy, I just wrote to Cathy to tell her how jealous I was about that pendant. Darling gift for a stitcher...I know you will love to wear it or show it off....cute!

I am not into finishing either but sure do love to stitch. I was frustrated myself this week with a pin cushion and even asked Cathy about how to make it better. ha!!!

hugs, pam

dixiesamplardesigns said...

I'm all for the "one at a time" stitchin' projects...watching all these "15 Challenges" going on makes me cringe, because I couldn't handle having that many going on at once!! I admire those who can though, LOL!

What lovely gifts...such sweet and thoughtful friends you have!

Happy Stitchin'

Carolyn said...

Wonderful birthday gifts, birthday twin! Happy belated birthday! We need to catch up sometime if you'd like. HUGS

Sonda in OR said...

What lovely (and funny) gifts! Sounds like you had a nice birthday. I'm not a one-at-a-time stitcher; I've got too many going right now to be anywhere near that. It sounds nice sometimes, though.