Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn Exchange to England Arrives

Sue e-mailed me and let me know she received her autumn exchange and loves it. This is an exchange from the Exchange Heaven blog. I stitched a freebie design from Erica Michaels and finished it into a pinkeep. I also sent a pretty fat quarter that I think Sue will enjoy as well.

I have gotten all my stitching exchanges complete and am now just waiting for the mailing dates to get alittle closer so I can mail them to their destinations so in the meantime I am working on Margaret's round robin that has arrived and I have some birthday presents that I am also working on.

Our stitch group is getting really excited about our three day roadtrip. We leave next Wednesday. We are going to The Silver Needle, Heart's Desire and The Sunflower Seed, plus 3 quilt shops (I need more fabric! LOLOL). I will be sure to take my camera and give a full report when I return. We have all been looking forward to this trip and been planning and saving for it for over a year!!

Well, thanks for stopping by and happy stitching to you!

Wendy Jo


Brigitte said...

Such a nice pinkeep for this exchnage. Sue must be very happy about it. And the fabric you added as a goodie is just a dream. A perfect exchange.

Meadows08 said...

I so envy your road trip! I order a lot from the Silver Needle and would love to visit it one day!

You're pinkeep is lovely too!!!